Hon Naisula Lesuuda visited Morijoi Primary School where she handed over NG-CDF cheque for the construction of a classroom to be used for Class 8 pupils. The school, which has taken pupils up to class 7 due to the shortage of classrooms for the longest time will be registered to sit its first ever KCPE in 2021.

Later, She was joined by Engineers from NIB to assess and write a report of Morijoi dam for its rehabilitation. The dam has been a top priority for the residents since it serves a huge population and more so livestock. Rehabilitation works for Morijoi dam will be complete by the end of the year.

Speaking during a tour of the site, Hon. Lesuuda said the dam was critical for the livelihood of local residents who are mainly pastoralists as it is a core source of water for the community.

Hon Lesuuda also had the opportunity to meet the youth across the constituency on the various empowerment programs in the pipeline.

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda celebrated Mother’s Day with her mother celebrating her mother for moulding her to who the person she is today. She acknowledged the role of her mother as a support system and appreciate her, for guidance during most challenging moments. “I thank God for my best cheerleader. Thank you mama, and thank you nkoko by extension”, the Hon. Lesuuda said.

The Samburu West MP also celebrated Mother’s Day 2019 by visiting expectant mothers, mothers and newborns across her constituency.

Earlier in the day, she was at Suguta Catholic Church and World Wide Maralal and urged mothers to attend prenatal care, deliver at a health centre, and attend postnatal ensuring exclusive breastfeeding.

Hon. Lesuuda is committed to improving the lives of mothers in Samburu West especially access to quality health care. She is exploring partnerships to equip Suguta and Kisima Health Centers with back up electricity (generator/solar), especially at the maternity wing in line with delivering her promises to the people of Samburu West.

What is the importance of water? “Water is life” this phrase is probably one of the most powerfully true messages the whole creation bears witness to. Sustainable provision of adequate and clean water is among the main promises by Hon. Naisula Lesuuda to residents of Samburu west. Lchoro Lelerai water project will benefit Kisima and Lchoro residents with plenty clean of water.

Access to adequate and clean improves health, drinking water. will be germs free and children can wash their hands at school. With water, children can spend more time on education, because they don’t have to spend time anymore for fetching water.

Most of the water resources in Samburu West are surface water from (temporary) pools and streams. This requires investment in drilling boreholes and digging dam to harvest rainwater, and desilting existing dams.

Hon Lesuuda has been working hard to ensure adequate and clean water to all residents of Samburu West. She is thrilled to report that the Lchoro Lelerai water project has been rectified in partnership with World Vision after failed installation earlier. The project will be handed over to the community once the tests are complete.

Hon.Naisula Lesuuda and Hon. Maison Leshoomo accompanied the Chief Justice David Maraga to Maralal Law Courts to do a spot check on the ongoing construction of the new court complex.

The Cheif Justice promised to closely supervise the company that was contracted by the government to construct the court and urged local officers from the judiciary and local leaders to ensure that construction work is going on and that the building is completed within the required work time.

On her part Hon. Lesuuda said the leaders have agreed to cooperate with the judiciary officers to ensure that the construction of the court is completed and launched soon for the benefit of wananchi. “As residents, we know the importance of this court because services will come closer to the people, therefore we have agreed to cooperate with judiciary officers to ensure that the construction of the court is completed within a year so that people can enjoy services,” Lesuuda said.

Hon. Leshoomo said residents Samburu County has been incurring expenses in search of high court services which could not have been the case this year could the contractor have implemented the project within the required time.

Once completed, it will go a long way to bring judicial services closer to the people. Currently, Some of the services are sort as far as Meru, Isiolo, Nakuru law courts.

Over the last few months, Hon. Naisula Lesuuda has been pursuing the Ministry of Water through the Northern Water Services Board and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock to have boreholes, water extension, the distilling of water pans and dams.
She is happy to report that work started today at Lariak Orok.
The Samburu West MP says that they have also had a conversation today through the emergency funds to mitigate the effects of drought. She reports that several existing boreholes will be rehabilitated.
Hon. Lesuuda, claims that by the end of the week, the assessment will be done and works will commence. She points out that all the dire areas like Nkeju Emuny, Kelele, Logurate, Lakira are in consideration.
Additionally, Hon. Lesuuda mentioned that Morijoi dam that serves a huge population and which has been drying up will be assessed next week in the hope of solving the perennial water shortage, especially during the dry spells and will be used for irrigation to ensure food security.
She stated that Lchoro Lelerai borehole – an advanced stage of sorting the problem that arose after the installation of the solar panels.
Hon. Lesuuda understands how water is important to the livelihood of residents of Samburu West, she stated that Water is LIFE, and she claimed that this statement could not be any more real in her constituency. She promised to be committed to continuing the fight to provide enough water for the residents of Samburu West.

Hon. NAISULA LESUUDA wins inaugural One Young World Politician of the Year Awards.

Samburu West MP Hon. Naisula Lesuuda was among 19 nominees shortlisted for the inaugural One Young World Politician of the Year Awards.

The award which was created to honor young politicians aged 18-35 years is the first global award recognizing the work of young politicians and was launched to counter the low level of youth engagement in politics.

The award organizers aim is to highlight the work of young politicians who are using their positions to make a difference and to encourage others who have not considered politics as an appealing vocation to see it as one of the most impactful ways to create positive change.

The 34 year old legislator was recognized for her role in Peace Caravan, which works with professionals from rural communities to help reduce cattle rustling and cross-border conflicts.

Through her Naisula Foundation, the Samburu West lawmaker has been able to assist disadvantaged school students to pursue their academic and career dreams.

The youngest of the 19 nominees are 23-year old Travis Robinson from Bahamas and Jordon Steele-John from Australia with South Sudan’s State Minister of Information, Communication, Youth Culture and Sport in the Northern Liech area Lam Tungwar Kueigwong 35 being the oldest nominee.

Hon. Lesuuda was voted as one of the five winners of the 2018 inaugural One Young World Awards. She bagged the World Politician of the Year Award for outstanding contribution in peace and education in her community, through Peace Caravan and her Foundation.

The MP has been on the forefront in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) among the Samburu community and has been headlined as a champion of peace in the community.

In December 2014, she was was named in Forbes list of ’20 Youngest Power Women in Africa.

Yesterday Hon. Naisula Lesuuda disbursed NG-CDF bursaries. The Samburu West MP said 16.263M was disbursed to Universities, Colleges, Day Schools and special bursary to  boarding schools as follows;

  1. Day secondary schools- Ksh…. 4,464,000/=
  2. Laikipia University – Ksh 990,000/=
  3.  Other universities & colleges – Ksh 7,809,000/=
  4.  Special Bursary – Ksh 3,000,000/=

The allocation prioritized on the day secondary schools as they did not received any allocation from the county government. Hon. Lesuuda called upon parents and guardians of students in day schools to contribute to the lunch money as the Bursary Kitty cannot fully fund the students’ fees.  She advised the teachers to use the funds more on academic oriented development for the sake of students’ performance improvement.

The presentation of the bursary for all boarding schools amounting to Ksh 9,044,000/= will be in 3 weeks time.The MP thanked the Principals for keeping the students in school while waiting on the disbursement.

For accountability purposes, NGCDF Board members will deliver the cheques to respective schools to avoid any potential cases of fraud.

“As your MP, I am committed to ensuring that our education standards are improved. I urge all our students to continue working hard in their studies”, Hon Lesuuda affirmed. She urged her constituents to reach out by any chance, if any vulnerable child has been left behind.

She continued to thank everyone who helped in the process from issuance of bursary forms, capturing all data, vetting of applicants and final distribution.

Due to our persistent efforts, I am glad to announce that 4 more of our day schools have been allocated some funds for 100% Transition, the MP stated. She also promised that she will push for more in the next allocation.

In an effort to build an empowered Samburu West. One of Hon. Naisula Lesuuda campaign pledges was to empower women and youth of Samburu West. The this in return will help families ensuring their children get quality education, they are food and Water security and universal health care.

Hon. Lesuuda has been in the front line in emphasizing the need for empowering women and youths for economic development. Through her Slogan “Inspiring Samburu West” the MP has pushed for policies that promote women in economic and social participation.
In honour of this, Hon. Lesuuda launched a national youth fund office in Maralal that will be hosted at NGCDF offices.

There is good news as groups who took Uwezo funds up to 1M shillings and are thriving the Hon Lesuuda urged them to continue repaying their loans so that others can benefit. Lack of information has been named as the reason for defaulting loans payments. “We will put in place measurable indicators of the beneficiaries of the funds, repayments, and impact on businesses going forward,” Hon Lesuuda said.

“We were able to reach over 3000 people majority being women, youth, and people living with disabilities (PLWD) by taking the training on affirmative action funds and Huduma Mashinani to the ward level,” she added.

Hon. Lesuuda is committed to promoting youths in Samburu West economic and social welfare through opportunities availed by the government such as the Youth Funds and uwezo Fund. The MP advises the youths from Samburu west to take advantage of such fund and use them to start and grow their business.

July 25th 2018

This past week Hon. Naisula Lesuuda has been a busy week at the constituency. As a follow up of the Women Empowerment program that Hon. Lesuuda initiated last month, she met 90 women across the Samburu West who will champion, train, mentor and follow up on women groups. Hon. Lesuuda will be organizing a benchmarking trip for the champions so that these groups can see what other women in other places are doing, and also learn and share the knowledge back home.

She also met with the students of Laikipia Maralal Campus to give them a status report on the development of the only campus in Samburu county and way forward. As part of the job, Hon. Lesuuda attended medical, churches fundraisers and interacted with the people of Samburu West in different forums.

On Thursday 25 July the NG-CDF team visited Lchingei primary School and Mugur Primary to address the emergency issues raised from the two schools. Hon Lesuuda commitment to education remains steadfast despite the many challenges; she has promised to push for more NG-CDF funds to improve the Samburu West schools’ infrastructure and award bursaries to needy students.

Next, Hon. Lesuuda will have a meeting with the Youth champions. On this matter, She has promised to make deliberate efforts to for Samburu West to achieve some progress in the next 2-3 years. She also promised to ensure that necessary structures in place even before funding is established. She has emphasized the need for clarity on the ideas and the vision as this will determine the success of most projects for the people of Samburu West.

Universal Health Care Progress  Report

In February this year, Hon Naisula Lesuuda commissioned a survey in Samburu West Constituency to find out the status of healthcare cover Universal Health Care (UHC) at the household level. “We have had several meetings, long hours and I am pleased to report that the team has worked tirelessly to deliver a preliminary report which has been very insightful too, say the least.” the MP said. The final draft will be ready in two weeks time and later it will be launched in Samburu West.

The survey was done on Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) in Samburu West Constituency found out that approx. 90% of households have no health insurance coverage. A whopping 97% of respondents reported paying for health service out of pocket. The survey further identified 5,438 (38%) households needy of cover out of the 14,320 households interviewed. 


  1. The 5,438 needy households should be enrolled to NHIF cover immediately.
  2.  That for sustainability reasons, all the needy cases ought to be engaged in a household economic strengthening programme to ensure they are able to pay for themselves in the long run.
  3.  There is a need for public education/awareness on the need and importance of health insurance coverage.
  4.  Samburu County Department of Health should ensure that all health centers are accredited with NHIF and after the launch chip in to cater for some households. 

  5.  Undertake a public sensitization to ensure all children have birth certificates a matter that we will rope in the relevant department before the launch since it was raised again recently during the Huduma Mashinani.

Hon. Lesuuda looks forward to implementing transformation no matter how long it takes and on statistical basis.

Hon. Lesuuda would like to thank Afyia Timiza, World Vision, Ministry of Health, Samburu County,NHIF, Child Fund and Samburu West Constituency office for the help in research and preparing the Report.