After consistent pushing and razor-sharp focus, our efforts as the people of Samburu West are finally bearing fruits. Hon. Naisula Lesuuda is glad that Samburu County now has got a Youth Fund officer. Despite the process being painfully slow, 14 youth’s groups have successfully received Ksh 1.1 million from the fund last week and 20 other groups are on the approval stage awaiting disbursement.

Youth Fund is one of the leading plans of Vision 2030, under the social pillar. Its planned attention is on enterprise increase as a crucial approach that will raise trade and industry openings for, and participation by Kenyan Youth in building the country.

The Youth Fund strive in generating job opportunities for youths through entrepreneurship and inspiring them to be job creators and not job seekers. Currently, the county is attaining this by offering easy and accessible financial and business improvement support services to youth who are keen on setting-up or growing their own businesses.

Hon. Lesuuda prayer is that the training and follow-ups will encourage the youths in Samburu West to grow their businesses and repay their loans so that others will also benefit from the fund.
The Samburu West MP would like to thank Ronnie Osumba once again for his support. “we can attest to seeing your promise coming through for Samburu Count”, she said.

Finally, Hon. Lesuuda has urged the youths in Samburu West not to give up during the application process since the target is at least Ksh 5M in Youth Fund disbursements.

More than 2000 boys from Maralal met at Kirisia Secondary school on Friday for a mentorship programme. The event hosted by Samburu West MP Hon. Naisula Lesuuda also served as a belated Father’s Day; celebrating fathers in Samburu West Constituency.

The boys were drawn from different secondary schools within Maralal ward in Samburu West constituency. Motivational speakers Robert Burale and Pastor Simon Mbithi and Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda facilitated the programme. 

Hon. Lesuuda said the programme would be extended to secondary schools in the other four wards within her constituency so that boys can be at par with the girls. “We have begun a journey of empowering the boy child so that we can move together as a society, we want one stride from a girl and another one from a boy,” Hon. Lesuuda said.

The MP said drug abuse, school dropouts, adolescence, engaging in unsafe sexual practices, desire to join extremism and terrorism are among challenges that are negatively affecting male students in the county’s secondary schools. She said these challenges ought to be addressed on time. 

Kirisia Secondary School Principal Kennedy Lengoiboni said the programme will of great benefit to male students.“Our students have greatly benefitted from the new lesson. We believe that for a society to be complete both boys and girls must be brought up together,” Mr Lengoiboni said.

He thanked Hon Lesuuda for bringing the initiative to the school and emphasised the programme ought to be supported by everyone. Hon. Lesuuda leads boys’mentorship programme in Samburu West.He thanked MP Lesuuda for bringing the initiative to the school and emphasised the programme ought to be supported by everyone.

Hon Naisula Lesuuda will be hosting father’s day celebration on Friday 21st June at Karisia Secondary School. The event will act as a mentorship program for boys from Maralal ward Secondary schools. The MP will also honour his father bishop Lesuuda.

To honour all Fathers, guardian fathers, mothers who double up as fathers and soon to be fathers, Hon Lesuuda will celebrate Father’s Day in Samburu West at Kirisia High School on 21st June 2019 11 AM. This year the Samburu West MP is targeting all the boys in schools in Maralal Ward. Next time the will be on target another Ward till all the boys in her constituency are reached.

This program is aimed at mentoring school boys from Samburu West to take education seriously. Factors such as drug abuse ,adolescence, extremism and sex as the cause of poor performance of boys in schools in her constituency.

All fathers and the soon to be fathers are welcomed. The guests will be Robert Burale and Pastor Simon Kivu. Hon Lesuuda will also be handing over development Cheques from NG-CDF. 

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda was in attendance at Embrace Kenya initiative event held in Muranga County. The Samburu West MP affirmed her support for the initiative that seeks to foster peace, create awareness against the rising cases of GBV and Wanjiku-led developments. The movement that was pioneered by women leaders across Kenya in both the Senate and Nat6ional Assembly has been holding meeting across Kenya to sensitize Kenyans on peace.

The Embrace Women Building Bridges Kenya’ movement could be the next big thing for the country in a move geared towards healing the gap in Kenya’s political landscape. The initiative consisting of women leaders from the grassroots level, county and national level is set to be launched in the counties soon.

The outfit is all out in ensuring that among other things, there is peace in the country. Moreover, the movement will be the key to the realization of development. In addition, Embrace Kenya Initiative is focused on implementing change in the country by supporting the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) team formed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Additionally, this initiative is complementing efforts by the 14-member BBI team formed after the historic March 9 handshake. It has since been gazetted. Women leaders under the Embrace movement first made a public appearance in mid-January where they demonstrated the unity of purpose.

Rivalling women politicians hugged and shook hands in a show of peace. The BBI team has been touted as one of Kenya’s best mechanism in fostering peace after a lengthy campaign period in 2017 which almost thrust the country into political turmoil. Tackling graft, promoting inclusivity, strengthening devolution and promoting national ethos are some of the key issues the BBI team is working on.

Notably, the initiative rejects politics that preach tribe against tribe, region against region and party against party. It also rejects in totality, the politics of blackmail, intimidation, threats and bloodshed.

Hon Lesuuda and Statehouse Girls Mrs Joan Mouti

 Samburu West MP Hon. Naisula Lesuuda attended Statehouse Girls prize giving and prayers day today. Hon. Lesuuda renowned for fighting for girl child rights against retrogressive cultural practices that suppress the girl child

Hon. Lesuuda was invited as the chief guest to speak to the students during this year Statehouse Girls High Thanksgiving Day. She thanked the PTA and the school board of management for an opportunity to speak to the girls.

The MP emphasized the need for empowering the girl child through education. she was humbled to spent time Triza one of the girls she supports through her foundation, Naisula Lesuuda Peace Foundation.

The MP expressed her joy on the progress of Triza academic performance. “I am so glad God used me to be a blessing to her and her family. Indeed, education is the only equalizer in life” , she said.

 Also in attendance Nairobi county Women Rep Esther Pasaris echoed Hon. Lesuuda message to the students and commended the MP’s efforts in the fight for girl’s child rights.

Hon. Lesuuda has been on the front line in pushing for the education for the girl child. Her message on the importance of education to the parents is very clear; education is the futures investment of your children. In 2018 she urged the resident of Samburu to sell their livestock and, invest in their daughter for the betterment of their future. She also advised parents to give their daughters enough time to study and do assignments while at home.

Speaking at AIC Moi Girl’s secondary school in Maralal last year thanksgiving the MP put this message across telling the parents; “Sacrifice by paying school fees so that your child can be comfortable in school, he will remember you and restore all the livestock you sold for her school fees.”

Samburu West MP Hon Naisula Lesuuda visited Ltung’ai Conservancy where she interacted with the staff and her constituents. “One has to agree that Samburu County is one of the most beautiful counties in Kenya”, the lawmaker said. She also acknowledged the great work being done by the Conservancy and promised her support in conserving Samburu County national heritage and natural resources.

Hon. Lesuuda also pledged to sponsor women from her Constituency to visit the conservancy so they can come up with ideas and also forge unity amongst themselves. The trip will focus on creating a united front amongst women by forming a united choir.

She accentuated on the role of women in the peacebuilding stating that women from Samburu west can unite and form a choir that will preach and promote peace through songs. “I am working towards having a United County HQ choir that will focus on thematic areas which can generate income for them”, the MP said.

The MP emphasized that this is the time for women to focus on social and economic development. She urged the women leaders to stop using innocent women to bring division and hatred through political songs.  Songs of unity and development should be paramount at this time. Hon. Lesuuda urged other leaders to use women as tools for promoting peace in their societies, especially women leaders.

Social change in leadership is the best way to transform our society and Hon Lesuuda style of leadership focus on creating Unity and peace through empowering women.

Samburu West MP Hon. Naisula Lesuuda wants law changed to ensure new administrations pay pending bills.

Hon. Lesuuda wants new county governments compelled to pay all pending Bills. The MP in an interview The Star revealed that she is preparing an amendment to the Public Procurement and Disposal Act to deal with the issue of pending Bills at the Counties which is also rampant at the national government level.

At a recent forum by Kepsa, Hon. Lesuuda said, suppliers, especially youthful ones, had complained that their payments are either delayed or scrapped once a new Govorner assumes office.

“A lot of pending bills go unpaid once a new governor takes over. The same is happening in ministries and government agencies when the accounting officer changes,” The MP said.

Hon. Lesuuda wants the proposed amendment to deal with the transition both at the national and county government level. The amendment will ensure that governors will not refuse to pay what was incurred the previous administration. Hon. Lesuuda believes there should be a law should be in place to ensure the successful transition in the counties.

Last week, Controller of Budget revealed that counties had an accumulated Sh108 billion debt from the 2017/18 financial year. When new governors took over in 2017, most either announced that they would not pay pending bills or formed committees to scrutinise the debts incurred by their predecessors.

Last year, Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja refused to pay more than Sh500 million pending bills saying that an audit had revealed that there was no documentation.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko also appointed a ten-man committee to review and clear pending debts for goods supplied and services rendered in Evans Kidero’s administration.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru also announced that the county would not pay Sh290 million pending bills from the last regime until a special audit is done by the Auditor General.

On Madaraka Day, President Uhuru Kenyatta Kenyatta directed the National Treasury and the accounting officers of various ministries to pay all pending bills that do not have audit queries by the end of this financial year.

With the law in place, Hon Lesuuda believes that this dispute will be solved and Kenyan youths who supply goods and services to the county governments are paid.

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda addressed the issue of insecurity in Maralal town lately. Speaking during Madaraka day ceremony in Samburu County the Samburu west MP raised her concern on escalating cases of rape in Maralal town.
She emphasized the need to hasten investigation into an incident where a lady was attacked and raped while doing her morning jog. The Legislator said she is working towards a constitutional approach of a more responsive desk on matters Gender- based-violence.

She urged the police to look into the alleged harassment and extortion claims of Maralal town residents during weekends on account of loitering the streets. She requested the police to s investigate those loitering in the streets of Maralal town and establish if there is a connection with the latest increase of GBV cases in the town.
The police commandant assured the residents of his commitment to improving security and fast track the registration of National police reserve (NPR) to address the latest cases of insecurity in the region.

30TH MAY 2019 #Herlifematters
Naisula Leisuuda joined other women leader to attend #Herlifematters vigil held at The University of Nairobi.

The women of Kenya led by Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Rachel Shebesh, Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris and MPs Glady’s Wanga were among leaders present.
From all corners of Kenya flow stories of tears that never dry up among bereaved families, and in Nairobi, hundreds of women met at the University of Nairobi yesterday evening – Thursday 30th May 2019 – to hold a candlelit vigil for those brutally killed as the women leaders asked the nation stop and reflect.
Families that have lost their loved ones in the most callous ways, young women, activists and leaders, all were united by a common sense of loss and grief. They expressed hope that the killings of nearly 40 women across the country in the past few months would end.
Speaking at the event Hon. Lesuuda commended those who attended the vigil and urged them to spread the message and become agents of change in ensuring all forms of gender –based-Violence comes to an end.
Hon. Lesuuda mourned with those who had lost loved one to GBV cases and urged those suffering in silence to come out and speak up against the GBV vice. The speakers at the event stressed the need for speaking out and asked those entrusted in ensuring the justice of victims to push for justice on all fronts.
Women from all over Kenya coloured the varsity grounds with a white and pink outfit, the overwhelmingly female attendants condemned the killings of women and other forms of gender violence in the past year.
Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National government Dr Fred Matiang’i speaking during a night vigil promised to bring to book perpetrators of gender-based violence.
The event was attended by various women leaders, from Governors, women reps, members of parliament, civil societies.

Update on land demarcation process in Samburu West Constituency;
Several group ranches requested the subdivision of their land for the public utilities to get titles and individual to get personal title deeds.

The national government led by the PS Lands, Dr Nicholas Muraguri granted the request through the National Titling Program. Public participation followed and in December 2017, seven group ranches i.e. Suguta Marmar, Loosuk, Malaso, Loiting, Ng’ari, Logurate and Lolmolog had been covered.

Surveyors and physical planners have been on the ground and validation are ongoing. Once the committee members, the relevant county officials and the physical planners are in agreement, the presentation will be made to all group members. If they are in agreement, then beaconing of the individual parcels will start.

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda would like to thank Dr Githumbu Chief Registrar who has taken personal initiative to support this exercise, Surveyors, Planners and community members who have resolved the disputes that emerged along the way and especially on the boundaries. On Longewan and Logurate that are yet to resolve, it was agreed that the area under contention will be left out and no works will be done there till the Land registrar intervenes. Also, Ng’ari and other group ranches will be included in the next phase.

Hon. Lesuuda is also glad to confirm that Laikipia University Maralal Campus Maralal High, Kirisia High and St. Mary’s have also been surveyed and, she is following up on the titles deeds.
She is fully committed to serving the people of Samburu West as per their aspirations, walking with them in every step to minimize dissatisfactions once the exercise is completed.