Preparations For Census

All systems are set for the 2019 Census exercise in Samburu West that takes place from 24th August to 1st September.

Yesterday, together with Hon. Maison Leshoomo, Hon. Lekumontare Lentoijoni, Administration, professionals and MCAs, we met the County Committee overseeing the Census for an update on the preparations. We also joined the Content, ICT Supervisors and Enumerators for Samburu West Constituency at the close of their training.

We were taken through the questions and the key concerns were addressed. For instance, one doesn’t have to travel to the home county to be counted. Instead, they will indicate their home county, the occupation and when they went to the county they now reside in. On age, Hon Naisula Lesuuda thanked the Census committee for coming up with strategies to help identify when one was born using events specifically for those who don’t recall their dates of birth. We also discussed the cultural issues that might be a hindrance and how to approach them.

The Census takes place from 6pm to 6am on Saturday 24th August and again from 6pm to 6am on Sunday, 25th of August. Entertainment premises such as bars will, therefore, be closed from 5pm to 6am on each of those days. 
Kindly circulate to your networks.

Interior Ministry

Please also note that;

1. Adequate Security has been provided. 
2. The enumerators will have badges from KNBS and will be accompanied by the police.
3. Transport for the enumerators to far areas will be catered for.

Hon Lesuuda would like to thank all those who have been committed to the exercise thus far and urge all my people to participate and be counted as the exercise informs resource allocation from the National government.

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