Education is the biggest present we can give to our children as the people of Samburu west. Building education infrastructure and supporting the needy students is one of the efforts we should put to ensure our children get a quality education. Quality education is at the core of helping our children realise their potential as the future of Samburu West and Kenya at large.

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda has been working hard to delivery her promise to the people of Samburu West by developing schools infrastructure and offering bursaries to needy students. On Monday 8th July 2019 she presented the NG-CDF cheques at Maralal pastoral Center.

Hon. Lesuuda was satisfied with the vetting process was done in a fairly and transparent manner, to ensure the beneficiaries are students coming from needy families. A total of 7,311 applicants will benefit from bursary allotment and no student who applied for the bursary was left out.

All day schools were allocated a total amount of 5.57M, Boarding schools 10.52M, tertiary institutions 8.27M and 3.9M special bursary that was allocated to the very needy students. The total amount disbursed was Sh28.19M.

Hon. Lesuuda also reminded the residents of Samburu west that Mass Birth Certificate Registration is ongoing at the Maralal Registration of Persons Office. she urged all parents to facilitate their children to be registered in NEMIS.

She urged the National Government to reintroduce the policy where every financial year a certain number of schools receive funds specifically for science laboratories. This should also be in coordination with the County Education Boards especially when allocating education funds since they know better the priorities of the schools at the county level.

Hon Lesuuda reassured the residents of Samburu county that the rescue of Laikipia university Maralal campus is still and firmly on course and confirmed that money for infrastructure for the campus is now fully allocated and soon, a feasibility study will be undertaken.

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