Electricity is one of the most important resources in modern life and it is really hard to think of a world without it. Electricity powers hospitals, schools and other business operations. Electricity lights the streets at night ensuring peace is maintained as darkness is a recipe for criminal activities. 

Power outbreaks have been a rampant issue in recent years in Maralal Town. This has been a big challenge to the residents and businesses. 

This matter immediately caught the attention of Samburu West constituency legislator Hon Naisula Lesuuda when she was elected to the office in 2017. She committed to following up on the same and to her credit, On 27th May 2019, three KPLC teams under the Boresha Umeme program began the works to fix the perennial power blackouts in Suguta, Kisima and Maralal towns.

In line with her manifesto, Hon Naisula Lesuuda has reaffirmed her commitment to ensuring that the issue of power outbreak across Samburu West constituency will be a thing of the past. 

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