Hon. Naisula Lesuuda was in attendance at Embrace Kenya initiative event held in Muranga County. The Samburu West MP affirmed her support for the initiative that seeks to foster peace, create awareness against the rising cases of GBV and Wanjiku-led developments. The movement that was pioneered by women leaders across Kenya in both the Senate and Nat6ional Assembly has been holding meeting across Kenya to sensitize Kenyans on peace.

The Embrace Women Building Bridges Kenya’ movement could be the next big thing for the country in a move geared towards healing the gap in Kenya’s political landscape. The initiative consisting of women leaders from the grassroots level, county and national level is set to be launched in the counties soon.

The outfit is all out in ensuring that among other things, there is peace in the country. Moreover, the movement will be the key to the realization of development. In addition, Embrace Kenya Initiative is focused on implementing change in the country by supporting the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) team formed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Additionally, this initiative is complementing efforts by the 14-member BBI team formed after the historic March 9 handshake. It has since been gazetted. Women leaders under the Embrace movement first made a public appearance in mid-January where they demonstrated the unity of purpose.

Rivalling women politicians hugged and shook hands in a show of peace. The BBI team has been touted as one of Kenya’s best mechanism in fostering peace after a lengthy campaign period in 2017 which almost thrust the country into political turmoil. Tackling graft, promoting inclusivity, strengthening devolution and promoting national ethos are some of the key issues the BBI team is working on.

Notably, the initiative rejects politics that preach tribe against tribe, region against region and party against party. It also rejects in totality, the politics of blackmail, intimidation, threats and bloodshed.

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