Update on land demarcation process in Samburu West Constituency;
Several group ranches requested the subdivision of their land for the public utilities to get titles and individual to get personal title deeds.

The national government led by the PS Lands, Dr Nicholas Muraguri granted the request through the National Titling Program. Public participation followed and in December 2017, seven group ranches i.e. Suguta Marmar, Loosuk, Malaso, Loiting, Ng’ari, Logurate and Lolmolog had been covered.

Surveyors and physical planners have been on the ground and validation are ongoing. Once the committee members, the relevant county officials and the physical planners are in agreement, the presentation will be made to all group members. If they are in agreement, then beaconing of the individual parcels will start.

Hon. Naisula Lesuuda would like to thank Dr Githumbu Chief Registrar who has taken personal initiative to support this exercise, Surveyors, Planners and community members who have resolved the disputes that emerged along the way and especially on the boundaries. On Longewan and Logurate that are yet to resolve, it was agreed that the area under contention will be left out and no works will be done there till the Land registrar intervenes. Also, Ng’ari and other group ranches will be included in the next phase.

Hon. Lesuuda is also glad to confirm that Laikipia University Maralal Campus Maralal High, Kirisia High and St. Mary’s have also been surveyed and, she is following up on the titles deeds.
She is fully committed to serving the people of Samburu West as per their aspirations, walking with them in every step to minimize dissatisfactions once the exercise is completed.

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