Hon. Naisula Lesuuda celebrated Mother’s Day with her mother celebrating her mother for moulding her to who the person she is today. She acknowledged the role of her mother as a support system and appreciate her, for guidance during most challenging moments. “I thank God for my best cheerleader. Thank you mama, and thank you nkoko by extension”, the Hon. Lesuuda said.

The Samburu West MP also celebrated Mother’s Day 2019 by visiting expectant mothers, mothers and newborns across her constituency.

Earlier in the day, she was at Suguta Catholic Church and World Wide Maralal and urged mothers to attend prenatal care, deliver at a health centre, and attend postnatal ensuring exclusive breastfeeding.

Hon. Lesuuda is committed to improving the lives of mothers in Samburu West especially access to quality health care. She is exploring partnerships to equip Suguta and Kisima Health Centers with back up electricity (generator/solar), especially at the maternity wing in line with delivering her promises to the people of Samburu West.

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