Yesterday Hon. Naisula Lesuuda disbursed NG-CDF bursaries. The Samburu West MP said 16.263M was disbursed to Universities, Colleges, Day Schools and special bursary to  boarding schools as follows;

  1. Day secondary schools- Ksh…. 4,464,000/=
  2. Laikipia University – Ksh 990,000/=
  3.  Other universities & colleges – Ksh 7,809,000/=
  4.  Special Bursary – Ksh 3,000,000/=

The allocation prioritized on the day secondary schools as they did not received any allocation from the county government. Hon. Lesuuda called upon parents and guardians of students in day schools to contribute to the lunch money as the Bursary Kitty cannot fully fund the students’ fees.  She advised the teachers to use the funds more on academic oriented development for the sake of students’ performance improvement.

The presentation of the bursary for all boarding schools amounting to Ksh 9,044,000/= will be in 3 weeks time.The MP thanked the Principals for keeping the students in school while waiting on the disbursement.

For accountability purposes, NGCDF Board members will deliver the cheques to respective schools to avoid any potential cases of fraud.

“As your MP, I am committed to ensuring that our education standards are improved. I urge all our students to continue working hard in their studies”, Hon Lesuuda affirmed. She urged her constituents to reach out by any chance, if any vulnerable child has been left behind.

She continued to thank everyone who helped in the process from issuance of bursary forms, capturing all data, vetting of applicants and final distribution.

Due to our persistent efforts, I am glad to announce that 4 more of our day schools have been allocated some funds for 100% Transition, the MP stated. She also promised that she will push for more in the next allocation.

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