In an effort to build an empowered Samburu West. One of Hon. Naisula Lesuuda campaign pledges was to empower women and youth of Samburu West. The this in return will help families ensuring their children get quality education, they are food and Water security and universal health care.

Hon. Lesuuda has been in the front line in emphasizing the need for empowering women and youths for economic development. Through her Slogan “Inspiring Samburu West” the MP has pushed for policies that promote women in economic and social participation.
In honour of this, Hon. Lesuuda launched a national youth fund office in Maralal that will be hosted at NGCDF offices.

There is good news as groups who took Uwezo funds up to 1M shillings and are thriving the Hon Lesuuda urged them to continue repaying their loans so that others can benefit. Lack of information has been named as the reason for defaulting loans payments. “We will put in place measurable indicators of the beneficiaries of the funds, repayments, and impact on businesses going forward,” Hon Lesuuda said.

“We were able to reach over 3000 people majority being women, youth, and people living with disabilities (PLWD) by taking the training on affirmative action funds and Huduma Mashinani to the ward level,” she added.

Hon. Lesuuda is committed to promoting youths in Samburu West economic and social welfare through opportunities availed by the government such as the Youth Funds and uwezo Fund. The MP advises the youths from Samburu west to take advantage of such fund and use them to start and grow their business.

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