July 25th 2018

This past week Hon. Naisula Lesuuda has been a busy week at the constituency. As a follow up of the Women Empowerment program that Hon. Lesuuda initiated last month, she met 90 women across the Samburu West who will champion, train, mentor and follow up on women groups. Hon. Lesuuda will be organizing a benchmarking trip for the champions so that these groups can see what other women in other places are doing, and also learn and share the knowledge back home.

She also met with the students of Laikipia Maralal Campus to give them a status report on the development of the only campus in Samburu county and way forward. As part of the job, Hon. Lesuuda attended medical, churches fundraisers and interacted with the people of Samburu West in different forums.

On Thursday 25 July the NG-CDF team visited Lchingei primary School and Mugur Primary to address the emergency issues raised from the two schools. Hon Lesuuda commitment to education remains steadfast despite the many challenges; she has promised to push for more NG-CDF funds to improve the Samburu West schools’ infrastructure and award bursaries to needy students.

Next, Hon. Lesuuda will have a meeting with the Youth champions. On this matter, She has promised to make deliberate efforts to for Samburu West to achieve some progress in the next 2-3 years. She also promised to ensure that necessary structures in place even before funding is established. She has emphasized the need for clarity on the ideas and the vision as this will determine the success of most projects for the people of Samburu West.

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