Universal Health Care Progress  Report

In February this year, Hon Naisula Lesuuda commissioned a survey in Samburu West Constituency to find out the status of healthcare cover Universal Health Care (UHC) at the household level. “We have had several meetings, long hours and I am pleased to report that the team has worked tirelessly to deliver a preliminary report which has been very insightful too, say the least.” the MP said. The final draft will be ready in two weeks time and later it will be launched in Samburu West.

The survey was done on Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) in Samburu West Constituency found out that approx. 90% of households have no health insurance coverage. A whopping 97% of respondents reported paying for health service out of pocket. The survey further identified 5,438 (38%) households needy of cover out of the 14,320 households interviewed. 


  1. The 5,438 needy households should be enrolled to NHIF cover immediately.
  2.  That for sustainability reasons, all the needy cases ought to be engaged in a household economic strengthening programme to ensure they are able to pay for themselves in the long run.
  3.  There is a need for public education/awareness on the need and importance of health insurance coverage.
  4.  Samburu County Department of Health should ensure that all health centers are accredited with NHIF and after the launch chip in to cater for some households. 

  5.  Undertake a public sensitization to ensure all children have birth certificates a matter that we will rope in the relevant department before the launch since it was raised again recently during the Huduma Mashinani.

Hon. Lesuuda looks forward to implementing transformation no matter how long it takes and on statistical basis.

Hon. Lesuuda would like to thank Afyia Timiza, World Vision, Ministry of Health, Samburu County,NHIF, Child Fund and Samburu West Constituency office for the help in research and preparing the Report.

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